The Tatone fiori was founded by Mr. Saverio Tatone research in the field of tradition and customs of his land, in fact Tatone flowers, in 1967, commercialzza flowers for wrapping gifts, then launching the production of these craft.
Soon the professional response in the work led him to industrialize his laboratory over the flowers will also produce acetate boxes for packaging of wedding favors. With the help of Ms. Angela his wife, who was devoted to the management of the laboratory that had a demand for more and more goods’ growing, Xavier could move throughout the south for consegne.Questo allowed him to study trends market more and more ‘demanding of a society that lived economic boom. With the passage of time and growth of the market, the laboratory become ‘a store of materials for the decoration. Years go by the three sons grow up and Xavier with the support of his eldest son, Joseph, in the spring of 1987 embarks on his first trip to the east at a time of great China, where contact artisans and industries, and designs and develops prototypes to be imported . In subsequent years continue traveling more and more ‘numerous partnerships in the East by opening more’ states: China, Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Viet Nam, India and Sri Lanka. The company undertakes no secondary trade relations with North African and Mediterranean countries in general.
The technical need to have optimum logistics, leads to the transfer of the property’s center of gravity Casamassima; wholesale center Newborn, (1989).
The shopping center is apetura sweep range merciologici articles in various sectors, from wedding favors to furnishing up to arrive at a catalog of 20,000 items. The developments of the company in recent years are supported by the aid and technical advice from the best European masters of decoration, which have channeled attention to trends in decorating and fashion.
Lorenzo second son of the family, finished high school, he studied art and floral decoration at renowned Italian schools for 4 years gaining various skills.
After Italy Lorenzo left for Switzerland for the formation of floral designers practicing studies and exercises for 5 years which will end with an examination and receiving a prestigious diploma.
The company, which also sees the entry of the third daughter of Tatone, Genni, now has an organization chart that has 30 people.
A complete logistics structure that makes the company a national reference in the decoration market.

The Tatone fiori is now a firm date very young age of its members, very active in materials research, very attentive to the market, inextricably linked to trends and customers.